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Off the Shelf: Ready Player One and The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared


The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

Allan Karlson turns 100 today, and without a second thought, escapes out of his nursing home window. He promptly gets involved in theft and several murders, and now, a moneyless gang and the incompetent police are after him. Allan’s past is also revealed, and it’s just as wild as the present. He gets drunk with President Truman, advises Stalin to shave his mustache, and consoles a sobbing Kim Jong Il. The writer’s style is witty and whimsical, and the plot is rich and completely ridiculous. This book is laugh-out-loud funny and a must-read for anyone who loves the unconventional hero.


Ready Player One

Headset on. Real world out. The year is 2044, and the whole world is addicted to the massive multiplayer virtual game, Oasis. The environment is crumbling, the poor are starving – and nobody cares. When the founder of Oasis dies, he leaves a global competition inside the game. The prize? 1 million dollars. The catch? The clues to the prize are hidden inside detailed 80s pop culture references. The rich world Cline builds eerily echoes our own, and the plot twists will leave you with your mouth open. Ready Player One has something for everyone. Whether you’re a lover of the 80s, dystopias, video games, or romance, this book will thrill you.
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