StuGov Pushes For Healthier Foods and Minds


Each day, TAS students take on the task of filling their stomachs with chicken nuggets and the trashcans with stacks on stacks of leftover food. It’s a system. We eat the less healthy but tastier stuff, and discard whatever “tastes bad” or “cannot be finished”.
This year, as usual, StuGov is pushing for this to change.
The StuGov nutrition campaign continues to promote healthier food options and to raise awareness of the food wastage TAS generates.
“With the help of the Food Services department, StuGov has helped add healthy options to the Village Snack Bar,” says StuGov president Barry C. (12). “Last year, we designed a poster explaining common food myths, [which] is currently on the wall outside the Village Snack Bar.”
They also added nutrition labels, which you’ve hopefully kept your eye on as you browsed through lunch choices. Future awareness campaigns regarding the food wastage and daily food choices are also to come. For example, StuGov will be inviting teacher speakers to cover such issues during class meetings.
But this year’s nutrition campaign is sporting a different look. Instead of focusing entirely on what we consume, it’s starting to lean towards the more general idea of “holistic health”, including mental health.
“In an environment where students are highly engaged in academics and extracurricular activities, we feel that mental healthiness is incredibly important to allow students to maintain a healthy balance in life,” says Barry.
Andrew B. (12), head of the nutrition campaign for StuGov, has been working on PowerPoints about mental health, providing tips to become the ideally healthy student. For example, he suggests that taking cold showers in the morning would wake you up better and possibly enhance your performance at school.
With the year kicking off, StuGov is looking forward to providing the best possible student life for all of us, starting with our stomachs.