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Livin’ the Dream with DreamIt


Have you ever had the dream of meeting that one celebrity you’ve been fawning over for the past three years, maybe Harry Styles, or Nicki Minaj? Ever wanted to get up close and personal with Luke Evans? It’s now fully possible, as DreamIt’s here!
An nonprofit organization created by Eric C. (12), Ethan L. (12) and Kelden L. (12), DreamIt is an organization based on the idea of winning the chance to meet celebrities. “How we raise money is that we invite celebrities—people who have a significant influence on the community in Taiwan—and hold the event with them. These events are specifically once-in-a-lifetime experiences, getting close and personal with these celebrities, and getting to know them better, and do something significant with them,” Ethan explains.
The proof of their success? They organized their first celebrity meet-up with Cindy Wang, a popular Taiwanese pop star! DreamIt decided to pounce on the chance of partnering with her when she just recently released a new album. The DreamIt crew contacted Universal Records at Taipei, and agreed to host the meet-up event with her. With around 60 different people buying tickets, it was considered it a success .
The raffle tickets only cost $100 NT. However, people are not limited to buying one—the more you buy, the higher your chances. The money is donated to different charities after each event. Curious? The next celebrity will be the NBA star Harrison Barnes, the small forward for the Golden State Warriors. The party of three initially thought of this idea by adopting it from similar organizations in the U.S.—and thought of bringing this platform to Taiwanese audience. In Taiwan, there isn’t really this type of system, where one buys raffle tickets—events like celebrity meet-ups here are usually “highest bidder/donator wins.”
In order to give everybody equal footing and give them the same chance, the trio decided that this type of organization would supply what people here needed. People still have higher chances of winning by buying more tickets, but this system still gives everybody a chance.
How, exactly, did they come up with this organization name? “I think the idea came from Kelden just spitting out ideas one day, and one day we were like ‘oh, that’s cool.’ and then the name just stuck,” Ethan explains.
They are still recruiting, if you’re interested. “We definitely could recruit people… anybody who›s interested and wants to help out this project.” So, if you›re interested with meeting popular stars and celebrity, DreamIt is your chance—go to to find out about more, to shoot for a spot with the stars.

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