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Mr. Fagen’s Four New Gadgets


Pole-Dancing for Geeks
Here we see Mr. Fagen testing out one of his favorite toys- the linear actuator- in a creative way.  What’s cool about this pole-like device is that it can create motion in a straight line. Even more amazing, it is so powerful that it can lift up to five times the weight of Mr. Fagen!
The Mindreader
Believe it or not, this simple headset- MindWave Mobile- has the power to detect your brainwaves and convert them into electrical signals. But funny thing is, you actually need to train your brain to produce specific brainwaves in order to get the signals you want- exactly what Dylan Chiu (12), in the picture above, is doing.
Project Runway for Gnomes
makerbot-digitizer-desktop-3d-scanner-6-largeLast year, 3D printing was the fad. But this year, when the MakerBot Digitizer popped up in the robotics lab, 3D modeling quickly became the new cool. What’s so special about the Digitizer is that it can easily turn the things in your world into 3D digital models- your water bottle, your trophies, or this space-suited gnome.
Cookie-Cutter for Robots
This is the jack-of-all trades in the sheet metal industry. The Jet Combination Shear, Brake, and Roll can bend, cut, and shape metals in any way you see fit. It can even spin rods into rings! Useful!

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