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Am iBuying the iPhone?


Apple has truly failed me. What, really, does the new iPhone offer to its customers? A… bigger screen? A sleeker exterior? WOW! Life changing!
No, apple NO! You’re not the company that you used to be a year ago. Quite frankly, Apple, you’ve lost your way.
Maybe it died with Steve Jobs, or decayed for unknown reasons, Apple needs to step up on their game now.
The Apple I knew and loved was innovative, cutting edge. Every time they release the iPhone, they’ve always been ahead of the curve, wowing the world over again.
This is no longer the case. They’re not the leaders right now, they’re the followers.
What does the new iPhone 6 series even offer? Let’s take a quick look at the new specs: a larger screen, an even larger one for the 6 plus, a larger battery, a new screen material, a metal exterior change, faster connectivity speeds. And what? These specs are already what companies have on their flagship phones – HTC One M8, the Samsung Galaxy, etc. The two latter phones also offer higher pixels-per-inch, higher megapixel count cameras. The Samsung galaxy S5 is also WATERPROOF! Come on Apple! Raise your game!
While every time a new iPhone series is released, it always outsells its previous generation. This time, I don’t really think it will do the same – rather than inspiring innovation in its new phones, for the sixes, they’re just keeping up with already existing phone technology that came up months ago.
All you potential iPhone buyers and Apple fanboys/girls need to wake up. Apple’s taking advantage of y’all. This company is as all hype and marketing. For your money, you can get much better!
Therefore, I strongly suggest you ignore the iPhone 6 series phones. Pretend it didn’t happen, get on with your lives!

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