IASAS 2014: Season 1 Day 1 Roundup


Here are the results from day one of the Season One IASAS tournament, where your TAS volleyball and soccer teams have been fighting hard. (Note: Cross Country teams spent the day surveying the courses.)
Soccer at ISKL:
TAS vs. ISM: 2-2 T
TAS vs. JIS: 3-1 W
TAS vs. ISKL: 1-0 W
TAS vs. JIS: 1-2 L
Volleyball at ISM:
TAS vs. ISM: 1-2 L
TAS vs. SAS: 0-2 L
TAS vs. JIS: 1-2 L
TAS vs. ISM: 2-1 W
TAS vs. JIS: 2-0 W
TAS vs. ISB: 0-2 L
Keep supporting and streaming your Tigers over the course of the next two days! Not in class, though.