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5 Apps: dumb or not


Want to breeze through your day like a boss? These Apps are here to help you tackle any of your everyday problems- whether they are small, big, chronic, or incurable. But are they really that helpful?
1.  Wakie helps you wake up in the morning…with the help of a stranger.
The Wakie app stops you from hitting the snooze button in the morning by connecting you with a global network of strangers who each have one minute to wake you up. And if you’re really bored, you can return the favor for “sleepies” around the world.
2. Hassle Me hassles you until you stop procrastinating.
Hassle Me
If you have a problem putting off work, Hassle Me will harass you until you  get stuff done- from finishing up homework to sending an email.  All you have to do is customize the number of times per day it will hassle you to alert you of your to-dos.
3. Pocket is a great way for MUN-ers to store articles.
Found something you want to view later? Need to catch up on your reading? Pocket is a free app that allows you to save articles and even videos directly from your browser. The best part is… after you’ve saved them in Pocket, you don’t need an internet connection.
4. Yo is a simple messaging app that is super efficient.
Yo is similar to the poke button on Facebook. Available both on Android and iOS, Yo allows you to send “Yo” notifications to your friend’s lock screen. It’s a quick way to notify people when you don’t have time to text- such as in class. But they can still ignore your “yo” though, just saying.
5. Watercolors is a puzzle game that may be on to something.
In this game, you’ll need to fill in the glowing circles with the correct color to complete the puzzle. To move up the next level, don’t forget to mix colors too! This is a game you play when you just want to kill time or don’t have a life.

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