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Tips for Cyber Monday


You all know what day is coming around the corner – of course, it’s Cyber Monday! For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a tech day right after black Friday, designed to sell cool gadgets and computer stuff. And why, you may ask, is this day so important? Of course: the discounts! The day will be filled with flash deals and whatnot in the chaos. A good shopper is a happy shopper. It’s dangerous to go alone – take these set of tips, to satisfy your tech needs.
1. Use Money Sparingly! The best way to save the most money on Cyber Monday is to just NOT spend any money on anything. This is the most important part of the day of discounts. Remember, every time you hover over the purchase button, ask yourself: do you really need that item?
2. Write out your plan of attack: Know what you’re going to buy, in other words. The online shop is already on your lap, and to make your life easier, knowing what websites you’re going onto, and what you’re buying is crucial. Banners, flash animations and GIFs of deals are designed to sway you – do NOT fall trap to this.
3. Know thy budget: You don’t want an empty wallet by the end of this, right? KNOW how much money you have, and constantly check it after every purchase. In fact, this rule may supersede all the other rules, as in the end, it’s the money you have after the storm.
4. Differentiate between different prices on different websites: Save every dollar you can! Have at least two websites for all of the items you may buy. While most of the stuff may be from Amazon, it’s important to know your sources, and to find out where the flash deals are occurring. A great tool would be
5. Know what’s worth getting on this day: Some stuff is worth to get, others not. Some brands actually make the original price higher, then mark it down to its regular price during off-season (super sneaky). Save, save, save!
6. Stay on the computer:There are actually amazing deals that occur over an hour, so you’ll need to stay on shopping websites to take advantage of this. Usually, there is only a limited amount of stock for these “flash deals,” so stay alert!
7. Keep all receipts! You don’t want any shady businesses to mess you over right? Just keep all of the receipts of the stuff you buy. Big companies like Amazon and Ebay look down on this, and will give you full refunds/rebuke the seller if they try to scam you. Just for safety.
There you have it, folks. Always remember – keep an eye out of your PayPal balance. In a blink of an eye, you may spend more money than you may wish to!

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