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Teaching to Love


Teachers have a lot to teach us, even when it comes to topics outside of academics. With Valentine’s Day coming up, check out this collection of love advices from TAS teachers!
Dr. Smith
The arrival of love is like the arrival of an earthquake.  You are powerless to make it happen, and likewise powerless to prevent it.  When one day it does come, without warning, the earth will tremble beneath your feet.  In the meantime, you have to find a way to get on with life and not worry and fret over when the big one will hit.
Mr. Ives
I can still vividly remember exactly where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing when I first met the amazing woman who is now my wife. It was a feeling more wonderful than anything I’d ever felt before. She, however, has no recollection of this first meeting. It’s very humbling.
Ms. Kaity Kao (English)
I think that the secret to a great relationship is finding someone who will love the real you, not the flashy version that you show to the rest of the world, but the version of yourself that does not have all the right answers or the best hair, the perfectly imperfect side of yourself that you may not even want to acknowledge. If someone can love that side of you, then what’s there not to like about him or her?
Mr. O’Rourke
If you are lucky enough to convince someone to have a romantic relationship with you avoid the pitfall of playing games. Don’t test your partner to see if they really like you, by trying to make them angry, jealous, insecure etc. these games only make them angry, jealous, and insecure.  These games are energy sapping and are very habitual, once they start it is very hard to stop. If you like someone treat them how you want to be treated and have the confidence to believe that they like you too.
Ms. Lagerquist
You know you’re in a healthy relationship when being with him or her makes you a better person.
Ms. Michelle Kao (Art)
Boys, if you want to impress a girl, hold the door open and be a gentleman. It’s very attractive.
Mr. Clapper
If you are in love, don’t try to “change” your partner to better suit your preferences. Embrace their differences and enjoy a change in perspective.  Also, don’t be afraid to step outside of the traditional male/female roles in your relationships.
Mr. Maguire
Even if you are not looking for love you may accidentally run into it.  Columbus wasn’t looking for America, but that worked out pretty well, well for everyone but the Native Americans.
Mr. Uhlman
The best thing to do is create a hand-made card expressing that being around your special person makes your heart pitter-patter like a graph of the number of Wikipedia hits per day for “valentine.”

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