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Apple Watch


Featuring a digital crown and a pressure-sensitive touchscreen, the all-new iWatch is a “must have” item in the digital world.
All sorts of hype and misinformation have swirled around this 21st century watch.
“Able to tell a tap from a press,” says the Apple website. “Force Touch” allows it to recognize different levels of pressure applied to its very own screen. This capacity to read pressure means you can create your own signature commands and even change the watch face with a swipe.
How often do you glance at your watch to catch the latest sports scores of your favorite sports team, or the news? Apple Watch has got it covered. Constantly collecting information when you want it, the “Glances” feature of the new watch can keep you organized by notifying you of what’s next on your schedule.
While Siri wasn’t met with the acclaim that Apple anticipated, with the new watch, Siri will be “closer and more useful than ever,” according to Apple publicists. Saying “Hey, Siri” allows you to get her attention, and ask her what’s the closest route to the nearest Starbucks. You can even send text messages without the tedium of typing: tell her what needs to be said and she’ll send it.
You may expect a buzz from your phone whenever something comes up, but with the Apple watch you’ll get different sounds that “tap” whenever you receive different types of notifications.
Last but not least, the watch has a heart rate sensor and an “accelerometer” to help the user recognize all of your different types of physical movements throughout the day. It monitors the number of steps you take so now you will be able to measure your afternoon workout. You’ll even be able to measure how hard your heart beats when your crush walks by.
The iWatch has a starting price of $350 which seems hefty but it offers life changing applications that Patek Phillipe can’t match.

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