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Most Anticipated Games of 2015


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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The next game in the Witcher Series franchise, Wild Hunt, like the other games mentioned, will have a map that’s 30 times larger than the previous game, Assassin of Kings. Using your horse and riding sailboats, the devs have promised at least 50 hours of gameplay, multiplied by two if you complete all the side quests. A plus side to this game is that you’ll be able to jump right into the story without knowing the previous two games. There’s a lot of hype swirling around this game. It’s our prediction for game of the year.
The Division
A third-person tactical shooter and MMORPG hybrid developed by Tom Clancy, The Division is a game set in a futuristic New York City. A disease outbreak has exterminated most of the U.S. within a week. You’re a government agent responsible for restoring order among the survivors, and you’re to work with or against other players. The game is designed to encourage lengthy gameplay, even after completing the main plot arc.
Halo 5
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This is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2015, Halo 5: Guardians. When its released, Microsoft will also push a new live-action Halo television show produced by the one and only Steven Spielberg. Featuring a new main character, Agent Locke, this game aims to track down Master Chief (who will be familiar to those who’ve played earlier versions) who disappeared at the end of the last game. Using new hardware supported by the Xbox One, the game will run at 60 frames-per-second and will fully immerse you in a hyper-real world.
Untitled Legend of Zelda Game
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All gamers are excited about the all-new Legend of Zelda game. Twenty-nine years later and the franchise is still thriving. This will be the first Zelda game to be produced in HD, and will have a storyline set in an open world. It has a huge Hyrule that players can explore at will – the entire Twilight Princess map is apparently only a fraction of the total size. You’ll be using your horse Epona a lot in the game, and you’ll most likely be distracted a lot by side missions along the way.
Batman: Arkham Knight
arkham knight
Arkham Knight picks up a year after the events in the previous game, Arkham City. Batman is at the peak of his powers,  which  he’ll need to defeat a new team of enemies, including Scarecrow. You’ll finally be able to drive the powerful Batmobile, which plays  an integral part in his missions, giving the game a slight Grand Theft Auto feel. While rocksteady studios has designed the game to optimize both the XBox One and PS4 hardware, there won’t be any multi player for this game.

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