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TEDx: To be continued…


This coming December 5th, we can anticipate an engaging speaker series in the Small Theatre for the second annual TEDx at Taipei American School event. Themed “To be continued…,” the series will feature 6 student speakers and 2 guest speakers. They will be sharing their concepts that relate to  “the future” or that can be “continued,” according to Lead Organizer Angie W. (12).
“To be continued” can also be seen as a reference to this year being a continuation of last year’s event. The themes by TEDx this year and last (“Unbounded”) could be described as extremely broad, which open up the realm of discussion. Angie said, “The themes are open-ended so that a variety of people can talk about them, whether they want to talk about science or self-growth–they can apply it to the theme.” Felicity L. (11), Head of Marketing, said, “You’ll be able to expect a lot of different topics, but they’ll all draw back to the theme of something to be continued.”
In comparison to last year’s event, this year’s will be more student speaker-based. “We want to involve more of the student body,” said Felicity. “When we think of ‘TEDx Taipei American School,’ what’s special about it is that it’s at our school,” said Angie. “We wanted to showcase more of the voices in our community.”
The 6 student speakers presenting in December have been selected by the TEDx team and worked with the team all throughout November crafting their ideas and thoughts into a presentable form. Their speeches have been shaped and shifted to appeal more to our school audience, to be more interactive or engaging, and to ultimately improve in a way that we will be able to appreciate.
With just a week before the event, Angie and Felicity urge all TAS students and teachers to join. Angie said, “Come and see people that you see every day talk about interesting things or things you may have never thought about, things that could make you think differently.”
TEDx is all about the sharing of different ideas, which Felicity says makes the event “worth going to, because not only do you receive knowledge from others, but you can also share the ideas with those around you. TEDx inspires ideas worth spreading.”

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