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TAS students have always pursued more than just good grades. Recently, two students have pursued their dream of starting a business. ZXNE and PR Athletics are two startups that have been gaining hype all around campus. Whether you are walking through the cafeteria or working out in the gym, it’s hard to miss their logos.

          In January 2015, Nathan C. (11) and Garett H. (10) decided to start their own business called ZXNE. Essentially, they wanted to create a fashion line that would produce streetwear and other types of clothing that they themselves would want to wear.

          “We began our business because sometimes we would see clothes that were nice but had certain elements we didn’t like, whether it was how the shirt was made or the price, so we decided to make a brand that gave us control over how things looked, fitted, and were priced,” said Nathan.

          Hoping to make clothes that show people their style and taste, ZXNE does hope to get big enough to dictate the fashion industry and be a brand that influences the market.

          Nathan said, “The biggest struggle is probably marketing and getting the brand out as in getting people outside of school to get to know our brand.”

          Despite this setback, Nathan has high hopes for ZXNE in the future.

       He said, “I hope to make a complete Spring/Summer collection as well as a Fall/Winter collection. I also hope that our brand gets more exposure and that sales would become easier.”

          PR Athletics is another TAS student-run company that developed from the CEO’s passion for an activity: Vincent C. (11) began powerlifting in sophomore year to relieve stress. Now, PR Athletics is dedicated to providing comfortable, durable, and affordable gym-wear and accessories for both male and female powerlifters, fitness enthusiasts, or any gym-goer.

          Vincent said, “Since the fitness community has given so much to me, I feel like it is only right for me to give back. If it wasn’t for powerlifting, I would probably be balding right now due to the amount of stress.”

          Unlike other fitness apparel and accessories companies, PR Athletics puts the majority of their revenue stream into the next launch instead of putting it in their own pockets. Vincent hopes to generate as much revenue as possible so the quality of the products can be even higher.

          “I’ve not only sold my products at school but also at World Gym. People just came up to me and asked where I got my shirt and I would pull out my business card and introduce myself and my business,” said Vincent.

          Because of the westernized style of the products, however, the company has run into problems with manufacturers. Being only 17 years old, they tend to not take him seriously. In addition, because the products they produce are more Americanized, manufacturers have a harder time figuring out what they are trying to produce.

          Despite these challenges, Vincent firmly believes that anyone willing to follow their dreams can achieve what they want.

          “Even though I am new to this, throughout the ups and downs of running a business, the most important things is to persevere and solve your problems efficiently,” said Vincent.

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