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Aspiring YouTubers of TAS


TAS students partake in an astounding number of activities: robotics, forensics, service clubs, interest clubs, the list goes on. But there is one more “student activity” that is not so well known yet: YouTube. In the recent years, this media platform has triggered a sensation of “YouTube celebrities,” from beauty gurus to gamers, rappers to rising chefs. Here are four Upper School Students who add their voices into the mix.

Audrey Tsung

Channel name: audreetee

Audrey, inspired by other popular teen YouTubers and they way they filmed and edited videos, joined the website around two months ago. So far, she has made videos on clothing hauls and “YouTube challenges. “After posting the first video, people began to watch them and some gave me compliments, “ said Audrey. “I wasn’t expecting [this], but then some encouraged me to actually start a Youtube Career, [so] I thought maybe in the future that would happen.” The hardest aspect of having a channel for her is looking at the analytics and seeing the dislikes. But whenever she “rewatch[es] the videos one last time to make sure everything’s in place, I feel excited to post the video,” Audrey said. In the future, she looking into possibly filming vlogs or parodies of makeup tutorials.

William Wang:

Channel: Dj Pyromania 2

William W. (11) posts his remixes of popular songs and mashups of music videos to go along with the songs. His interest first began in 7th grade, when a friend asked William to do a medley for a dance. After enjoying creating the mashup and receiving positive feedback from his friends, he decided to make more. This interest soon turned into over 1.3 million views for his most popular mashup of “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber and “Photograph” by Ed Sheeren. For him, the most challenging aspect of having a channel is maintaining good content and keeping the subscribers listening and interested. What is most rewarding is receiving positive feedback, ratings, and views. “Maybe you, or your video, is something that people are talking about, which makes you feel special,” said William. While his channel was recently taken down for copyright strikes, William now has a new channel and is planning to post more mashups, and even original content.


Lisa Durdeyte

Channel Name: hpmarocsvp

On YouTube, Lisa D. (12) is known as hpmarocsvp, where she mostly translates and adds English subtitles to videos of French-speaking Belgian singer Stromae. She discovered Stromae during the summer of 2013 in France when watching a music channel on television. When she was 12, she wanted a platform to post videos of her drawings, so she created a channel. Now, Lisa has over 1200 subscribers. Her most popular video, a 50 minute documentary about Stromae reached 80,000 views. “I was really proud of it because it took weeks for me to translate,” she said. But though her videos take a long time to edit, she finds the comments and views she receives rewarding. One time, two people even started a comment war on her video arguing about Quebecois (French Canadian) accents. “It was completely unrelated to the content of the video. All I could do was watch on as the notifications kept popping up every time they replied to each other,” said Lisa. As a senior, Lisa has trouble finding time creating the videos. But after graduating, she plans to become active again, and even start posting other singers’ videos.


Trinity Liao

Channel: Trin Koala

Trinity L. (9) creates comedy videos, challenges, prank videos, and other fun and entertaining videos. What started out as a beauty channel in seventh grade was revived last November. “I’ve always thought that making videos is something that I enjoy doing,” she said. However, having an  YouTube account does come with challenges–to Trinity, the hardest aspect of keeping a channel is having to constantly post videos. But receiving feedback and views makes it worth it. “My friends were super supportive,” she said.

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