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Tiger TV starts fresh with a new generation


Whether you’ve watched one of their episodes in one of the screens surrounding the school lobby or if you’ve watched the Field Day video, at some point you have likely heard of Tiger TV. After all, the club is TAS’s only TV network, and has a short but full history. Started by Mr. Openshaw and a few avid film students, Tiger TV had it’s humble origins. Now, the club will be looking revive itself after the graduation of it’s original cast. Mr. Barrus, a sponsor of Tiger TV, says that “the club fizzled out” after the graduation of Brandon Lei and Duan Duan Hsieh.

Tiger TV is up for a reboot. With the class of 2016 off to college, the future of the club has been placed in the hands of freshmen. In the beginning of the year, many Middle School Tiger TV veterans were shocked to hear that the club did not officially exist because of a  lack of members. Thankfully, this year’s members did not let that stop them and decided to create their own interpretation of what Tiger TV should be in the process. Mr. Barrus describes this year’s group as a “enthusiastic young group of filmmakers looking to expand the types of content that Tiger TV contains”. With about 10 interested members, the club is looking to establish a hierarchy and assign roles in order to help with organization.

The club has already covered this year’s Field Day and looks forward to covering Frolic, Spirit Week, and IASAS among others. According to Anthony (9), the club president, the club  hopes to accomplish five goals this year in order to solidify their future: “[We look forward to] being recognized, producing for others, learning the basics of film, documenting the year for students, and establishing a proper club,” says Anthony.  

Many of the club’s members are also avid film students. Jasmine L. (9), Anthony H. (9) and Jade W. (9) are all part of film classes at TAS. Anthony (9) is going to the Berlin Film Festival and credits Tiger TV as the reason had such a passion for film. When asked about where this passion developed, Jasmine (9) says, “Tiger TV allowed me to expand on my previous interest for film”.

At this point, the freshmen are in a position in which they can shape the club however way want to. Such leadership positions are rare for freshmen, but aren’t opportunities Tiger TV members will shy away from. From a hobby they started in middle school, these students have been able to expand their horizons to ultimately leave a mark for future Tiger TV and film students.

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