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Cafes worth the walk


Humble Beginnings Cafe
No. 36-1, Section 7, Zhongshan N Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111
(100~300 NT)

Senor Croque: This variation on a classic French dish basically results in a high-end grilled cheese sandwich – and it definitely matched our expectations. The display and smell caught our  attention right away with the bright colors. On the exterior, a thick layer of cheese is topped with a sunny-side up egg. The toasts provided a perfect crunch while the combination minced beef, cheese, and egg.

Boneless Chicken Leg with Rice: The chicken rice, which was recommended by one of the staff is fantastic. The skin is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The dish comes with  a layer of fried egg (this cafe is big on fried eggs) on top with the yoke half cooked and stir fried cabbage. It is an amazing combination to eat for brunch. However, because the dish contains a lot of oil from the chicken and cabbage, the rice did get a little soggy over time. But if the dish is eaten within reasonable time, it will be very delicious.

Yogurt: The homemade yogurt is one of the signature dishes of the cafe. The plain yogurt base has a smooth consistency, with the honey giving it a perfect amount of sweetness. Even better, the cereal on the side provides the dish with a good crunch and the fruits give the right amount of sourness. The cafe offers a small bowl and a large bowl.

Brown Sugar Milk (left): This beverage is a combination of whisked sweet milk with a layer of melted brown sugar on top. At first, I thought it would taste like heavy milk, but in reality the drink is surprisingly light and addicting. This beverage was recommended by the owner himself, saying that this drink is one of the favorites of both him and his customers.

Assam Ice Tea (right): As this ice tea is served as a complimentary beverage, the quality was not particularly bad but just not all that special. The tea has a decent taste and is understandably presented as part of a set, so it did not fail any expectations. Compared to the other dishes offered in the cafe, this option is mediocre. We would recommend considering the full-priced beverages for the most authentic experience of the cafe.


Nan Mei Cafe
No. 19, Lane 13, Tianmu W Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111
(100~200 NT)

Ceylon Milk Tea: The ratio of the ceylon tea and the milk is perfect as neither overpowers the other’s flavor. The sweetness of the drink is just right as well. We would definitely recommend this beverage.

Cappuccino: With sweet cream and chocolate sauce on top, this beverage is just right for people who enjoy their coffee a little sweeter than most. The taste of coffee lingers in the aftertaste, but it is not too strong This drink was recommended by the workers in the cafe for its pretty decorations with the cream on top.

Chocolate cake: Unlike its first impression, the cake is not too sweet, but just right. With a great combination between the cake, cream, and chocolate powder, the cake goes well with a cup of coffee or tea. The cake is also noticeably larger size than cakes from other cafes. However, this cake did not feel special or different with other chocolate cakes from other cafes.

Lemon Tart: The lemon tart combines the right amount of sweetness with sourness. However, the texture could have been more custardy rather than solid. We would recommend ordering the milk tea with the tart as they go well together.

No. 36, Tianyu St, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111
(100~200 NT)

Chocolate Hazelnut Bagel: The bagel is very delicious as the heat and crispiness is preserved when it is served. With multiple toppings to choose from, the bagel can be enjoyed with different sauces and assorted fruits. Even though the bagel is very good, it does not seem to show its own uniqueness. It’s really just an ordinary white bagel.

Marshmallow Milk Tea: This beverage is recommended by the owner himself as he believes this is customers’ one of many favorite drinks. The tea has a cute design of a floating cat marshmallow on top and  the milk tea goes very well with the sweetness of the melted marshmallow. Customers may enjoy the drink with a little secret on the bottom of the cup!

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