Vegetarian paradise


High cholesterol levels. Unknown meat sources. Dangerous“food” chemicals.  Do these concern you? It probably only takes you a millionth of a second to respond” Yes!”  Even meat-loving but now health conscious Westerners have been spotted queuing up with Buddhists and environmentalists at vegetarian restaurants. Blue & Gold rounds up Taipei’s best health-conscious spots for those who want to join the herbivore club.
1. Spring Natural Vegetarian Restaurant (No.370 Section 1, Dunhua South Road)   

spring natural vegetarian restaurant
spring natural vegetarian restaurant

There is definitely a spring-like atmosphere at this classy and spacious vegetarian restaurant. You can opt for a private dining room with set meals just for your family.This buffet-style restaurant provides a great range of vegetarian delights at reasonable prices. After all, eating wholesome, vegetarian dishes does not need to burn a hole in your pocket.
All dishes here use in-season fruits and vegetables.There are faux “meat” dishes made entirely from tofu and beans  Popular and palatable dishes include kung-pao monkey head mushroom and Chinese toon tree leaves with tofu. This restaurant serves delicious bamboo salads and even vegetarian ice-cream and is also perfect for an afternoon get-together with friends.
2. Easy House (No. 51, Alley 4, Ln 345, Renai Road Sec 4)
Easy House
Easy House

It’s time to take life easy and head toward Easy House! With ten branches all over Taiwan, Easy House is popular for its simple vegetarian dishes to suit sophisticated tastes. The restaurant combines the essence of traditional Chinese dishes with Japanese cuisine and the styles of French and Italian cooking. It emphasizes the importance of balanced nutrition by incorporating ingredients from an eclectic pool of natural fruits and vegetables and high-fiber oats, wheat, and grains. From steaming to scalding to stewing, Easy House adopts its own unique less-oil-and-low-salt cooking style. But what make this eatery unlike any other are its four exquisite meal sets- “Auspicious,” “Relaxation,” “Bliss,” and “Joy,” each with a Fruit and Vegetable Energy Juice, Cantonese- style Pot Soup, and Hong Kong- style desserts. Just by reading its 12-page long menu is enough for you to start salivating.
3. Yangming Spring Green Kitchen (No. 119-1 Jingshan Rd, Taipei City)
Yanming Spring
Yanming Spring Green Kitchen

At Yangming Spring Green Kitchen you can have it all- the fresh scented air, which has become a rare commodity in the stuffy Taipei City, the rare sight of a garden full of antiques that have survived the Chinese cultural revolution, including Buddhist statues and the “Drum-shaped bearing stone” that is a must-see for first time eaters, and of course, exquisite Japanese style vegetarian food that even sashimi addicts love! The outdoor garden and indoor glass-paneled tatami rooms where meals are served provide the most ideal dining environment.
This no-menu restaurant usually starts off with the sweet herbal tea made from Ashitaba leaves that are cultivated in the restaurant’s own garden. Recommended specialties include  handmade sesame tofu prepared with spicy Japanese mustard and kelp-seasoned soy sauce, the lion’s mane mushroom, which is simmered with kombu (a type of seaweed), and Buddha Jumps over the Wall (a traditional Taiwanese soup). These items are only the tip of the iceberg of creative menu items from Yangming Spring!
4. Jen Dow Vegetarian Buffet (No. 188 Section 5 Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, B1-1)
Jen Dow Vegetarian Buffet
Jen Dow Vegetarian Buffet

If you want to gorge yourself on an endless offering of delicious and enjoyable dishes while sitting on plush cushioned chairs, Jen Dow Vegetarian Buffet Restaurant should be your first choice.
Instead of simplistic cuisine offered at most vegetarian restaurants, Jen Dow offers the most exquisite 5-star dishes. And for only 700 NT per person a meal? It’s a bargain! Some of the most popular Jen Dow dishes include Hakka stir-fried rice noodles, Malaysian-style curry, and Asian-style offerings, such as steamed rice noodle rolls, fried turnip cake, and fried spring rolls. They’re so good that you won’t even miss the meat.
Craving something sweet after dinner? There is also a fresh fruit and salad bar, as well as a dessert table with dozens of scrumptious cakes and a chocolate fondue fountain. After all, just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself!