Tic Tac Toe Spinoffs


Getting bored with the same old tic tac toe? Here are a few tic tac toe spinoffs to spice up your day!
Ultimate TicTacToe is basically the same game, but ten times more awesome. You set up the typical 3×3 board, but then create smaller minigames within each square. If you win a minigame, you win that square. Perfect game if you have lots of time to kill but aren’t look for a huge challenge!
3d tic
This version takes a little bit more thinking. You set it up by drawing three 3×3 boards in a row, and then go ahead and label them “Floor 1”, “Floor 2” and “Floor 3”. Visually you have to pretend the 3 boards are stacked one on top of another, making a cube of tictactoe! Same game rules still apply, but now you can win with cross-floor 3-in-a-row’s too!
Now this is the game if you really have nothing to do (at all) but you’re looking for a serious brain stimulant. It’s not particularly hard, but if you’ve never learned quantum physics it can be a bit confusing at first. The game involves using the super positions of quantum objects, and utilizes three main concepts of quantum physics: superposition, entanglement, and collapse. You can make multiple marks in each of the 3×3 squares, and their placement relative to each other will ultimately determine what the overall mark of that square is.  Get it? If not, retake freshman science!