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10 things TAS students love about TAS


Whenever you’re a little ticked off from paying 14,800NT for your AP exams or gym booking problems, think about these positive aspects of our school, and try your best to feel lucky.
1. Free water
free water
Anything free, especially from TAS, is a good thing. Yes—that includes the Honor Committee pens.
2. Block schedule
block schedule
Nothing feels better than knowing you have no history homework due tomorrow after writing that DBQ last B day.
3. Course variety
course variety
If you want to stack up those AP and IB classes, there’s no place better for you.
4. Fitness Center
fitness center
The perfect facility for girls to lose weight and boys to (obsessively) gain weight.
5. Club sales
w4k club sale no need to cred
Cheers to overpriced but tasty cupcakes and soda floats sold under the D Block bridge. At least they’re pricey for a good cause, though (I’m talking to you, 60NT snack bar soup).
6. School trips

cambodia 2013 creds daryl
Photo courtesy of Daryl T. (12)

You can do pretty much anything if you want to here. Go to Singapore for an MUN conference. Compete in VEX Robotics competitions at Hawaii, or fly to Cambodia for a service trip. The opportunities to travel on the behalf of our school are practically endless.
iasas soccer 2013 creds vivian teng
Photo courtesy of Vivian T. (10)

The best part of being in an international school has got to be the inter-school competitions we have against other IASAS schools, whether it be in sports or forensics, and whether you’re a participant or spectator.
8. Spirit Week/Field Day
field day creds daryl
Photo courtesy of Daryl T. (12)

Dress up days, shortened classes, fun activities, and lots and lots of selfies. What’s not to love?
9. Laptops
They’re not MacBooks, but they’re good enough. And for those who have parents unwilling to invest in laptops outside of school, you have to get one for school. So that’s nice.
10. Senior privileges
seniors creds daryl
Photo courtesy of Daryl T. (12)

Not that I would know, but walking straight past those gates during lunchtime must feel a lot like how a dog feels when you let it out onto an open field.

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