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From Family to Fantasy: Fall Production Preview

Hard at Work: The cast of this year’s school play run through the script.

Rockets firing in the basement, an alcoholic actress passed out in the living room, and a daughter who wants to be a ballerina but is terrible at dancing; while this may sound like a recipe to any parent’s worst nightmare, it’s the recipe to this year’s fall play success. “You Can’t Take it With You” is the third top produced high school play, featured on Broadway just last year and will be coming to TAS this fall. Male lead Tony (Zach V.) is expected to take over the family business, but he wishes to be his own person and doesn’t want money to drive his life. He then meets Alice (Columbia R.), who is from a crazy, eccentric family and they fall in love. Both Zach and Columbia are seniors who have participated in numerous productions throughout high school. “The thing about [her] family is that they celebrate individuality, where all uncles and aunts and grandkids encourage each other to follow their dreams,” said Mr. Edwards, one of the directors for this year’s production. “Perhaps sometimes at TAS, there is an expectation to go in a certain direction but it’s not the direction of the heart. [It’s a] powerful message: if you want to do something, go for it! That’s why i think it’ll be great for the community.” The set will feature just one centerpiece: a realistic, cut-away home. The home will feature a balcony that will wrap around the house to the second floor, and this year’s pit is on elevators so the ends will sink to make a basement. “You’re going to walk in there and see a  two-story home,” said Mr. Edwards. “It’s almost like a sitcom with everything is set in a home, like when you watch Friends.” While the play this year leans more towards a romantic comedy, the fall dance this year will be a fantasy story set in today’s world. Loosely based on the classical ballet “La Sylphide” but inspired by Matthew Borne’s “Highland Fling,” the dance narrates the story of a boy who is about to marry a girl when he meets an other-worldly creature. He gets entranced and enchanted away and that’s when things begin to go wrong. “We’re incorporating different music so it’s not as showy as before,” said Ms. Flemming, one of the directors for the dance. “It’s set in a scottish pub [so] we’re leaning towards a folk-rock-country kind of feel rather than techno.” “The story is really fun. It’s cute, it’s different,” said Ms. Q, another director of the fall dance. The dance production will take place on November 19, 20, 21 of this year. The play will be performed October 29, 30, and 31.

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