Valentine's Day venues


Valentine’s Day is coming up and everyone needs a spot to brunch. Even though most of us will be busy preparing for Chinese New Year dinners, it is never too late to plan for your next day out. We compiled a list of four brunch places with nice atmosphere and good food for you to enjoy on your special day out.

Fika Fika Cafe ($$)

No. 33, Yitong Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 104
In Swedish, Fika means “to take a break,” but this cafe is more than that. The bright yet soothing environment is perfect for study sessions, or even a morning date. The cafe offers a wide variety of coffees, teas, desserts, and sandwiches. The dish to die for is their Honey Mustard Chicken Panini ($250 NT) , accompanied by a Cube Latte ($250 NT, or $300 NT for a combo). The crunch of ciabatta bread on the panini complemented the sweet and sour taste of the honey mustard. Alongside the panini is a healthy side of salad and yogurt, offering a refreshing palate. Customers ordering the Cube Latte, must pour warm foamed milk into a jar of coffee ice cubes, offering a brand-new coffee-drinking experience. Fika Fika Cafe definitely creates the feeling of relaxation fitting for a Valentine’s Day breakfast.

Red on Tree ($$$)

No. 3, Lane 75, Section 1, Heping East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
Red on Tree is the cafe that offers the romantic ambience, food and music you want on your perfect Valentine’s Day. Red on Tree is a cafe with a unique selection of teas, coffees, and pastries. The contrast of the light ash and mahogany furniture creates a warm and comforting  environment. The recommended set for an afternoon tea is their strawberry tart ($160 NT) complemented by freshly brewed hot oolong tea ($150 NT). The clean taste of the tea helps wash down the sweet and creamy strawberry tart.  Red on Tree is the definition of “premium” for a Valentine’s Day afternoon tea.

Cafe by Juicy Diary ($$$)

No. 2, Lane 14, Siwei Road, Daan District, 106
Cafe by Juicy Diary sports a quaint but elegant interior, complete with marbled tables and dimmed lights. Though most famous for their colorful acai bowls with seasonal fruits and cold press juices, the cafe’s unique take on avocado toast also stood out. One such dish had a smooth layer of avocado topped with sliced cucumber, smoked salmon, and poached egg. The dish had a slice of smoked salmon and clean slice of cucumber on top with creamy avocado and egg. The contrast between the salmon, cucumber, and avocado complimented each other very well. Perfect for a light lunch or quick snack, Cafe by Juicy Diary is a great place to meet with a date.  

September Cafe ($$$)

No. 1, Lane 14, Siwei Road, Daan District, Taipei City, 106 
With Edison lights hanging from the ceiling and wide windows, the September Cafe has a whimsical but welcoming atmosphere. Although the food was a bit pricey, it did not disappoint. The French toast special was served with a splash of whipped cream and caramelized bananas, and a side of scrambled eggs. The toast had a satisfying crunch and the sugar and cream added enough sweetness to lighten the dish without overwhelming the other flavors. Finally, the scrambled eggs had a fluffy texture that  almost melted in my mouth. Other dishes like the mushroom risotto and yogurt special were equally tasty. Overall, September Cafe is an aesthetic, friendly spot with a wide selection of comfort foods perfect for Valentine’s Day.