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Day 1 Recap | Goal 5


By Carolyn Chu
In the committee for Topic 2, Gender Equality, delegates started to talk about their resolutions. As this was happening, pages busily passed notes to and from chairs (Aaron Chen, Emily Wang, and Mayte Romero) and delegates. There were 30 delegates in the room.
One delegate started to talk about how improving and expanding the limits of technology can help promote gender rights. The delegate said that improving technology can extend and encourage women’s education.
When the delegate finished, a second delegate exclaimed that having staffs and monitors can check on social media and prevent cyberbullying. This could ensure learning aspects and it is beneficial to men and women. The delegate also said that this can make lessons that can teach students to prevent violence and speak up for themselves.
After the delegate finished speaking, a third delegate said that if there were interactions between men and women, it could make things fairer and women could be protected and express their thoughts freely.
A notable amendment was presented by the delegate of the Netherlands  adding a clause establishing academic schools with a mixture of genders to promise  interactions and decrease discrimination. After the chair showed the amendment of the Netherlands, the delegate of Netherlands declared that Clause 1 stated the importance of interaction between schools.
The delegate of Afghanistan supported the delegate of the Netherlands in a speech, stating that in the 1900s, black and white people were segregated and went to different schools. He said that if there were schools of the same gender, this would encourage the interactions of women and men. When all the delegates finished their speeches, each delegate had a choice of for, against, and obtain. The results were 25 ford, 0 against, and 5 abstained.

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