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Security Council heats up with intense debate


By Abigail Wen
The Security Council chairs this year were head chair Claire Toh and co-chairs Henri Reyes and Jasper Yeh. Co-chair Henri Reyes said, “This is the place where you debate the most pressing issues.” Some of the recent topics the delegates have been debating at the Security Council are the situations in Yemen and the Central African Republic. “Both issues are caused by political instability,” says chair Claire Toh, “ And the people getting hurt are just civilians and they have nothing to do with the conflict.”
During the debates on the situation in Yemen, there were two distinct sides: the side that supports the rebels, and the side that supports the government. “The countries I feel are not on my side are China, UK, and USA. The countries that are on my side are Peru, Poland, Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea,” said the delegate of Russia.
This year 14 delegates were present at the Security Council. They represent the following countries: Australia, Bolivia, China, USA, UK, Turkey, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, France, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, and Russia.
As the Security Council delegates had raised 10,350 NT for raffle tickets, the proceeds of which go to charity, they can continue the annual tradition of daring the chairs. So they are allowed to dare co-chairs Henri Reyes and Jasper Yeh twice each, and once for chair Clair Toh.

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