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Pizza galore: lunch at TASMUN


By Matthew Hsieh
The lunch of the first day of the ninth annual MUN conference has been delivered, and most attendees went to lunch at 12:00. The food was provided by TASMUN at the TAS cafeteria. They served pizza, fruits, and beverages. The choices of pizza included cheese, pepperoni, seafood, and meatball. Each person got 2 slices of pizza, fruits, and a drink. According to our survey, most attendees preferred the pizza compared to the other foods. When they were asked about what drinks they prefer, most chose lemon tea, and one delegate even joked about wanting bubble tea. Others wished that salad was served as an appetizer. The meal included a variety of fruits, including melon, watermelon, and pineapple. Drinks included were ice tea, lemon tea, and ice water. Although it was a simple lunch, it was no easy task to serve over 500 people. While we were enjoying this meal, the heartrending pictures taken by Paula Bronstein which were shown at the opening ceremony earlier in the day came to mind. While this seemed like a simple lunch, there are people like the Rohingya who are famished every day and a meal like this would seem like a feast. We should feel extremely fortunate. TASMUN is a worthy cause for making more people aware of important issues such as the plight of the Rohingya.

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