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REVIEW | Herbivore

Vanessa Tsao/The Blue & Gold

Upon taking the escalator up to the second floor of Mitsukoshi A4, you will immediately see the immaculate, modern vegan restaurant decorated with clean white marble and minimalistic gold frames. As you are seated, you will be greeted with huge menus filled with surprising vegetarian choices. The variety of dishes is quite impressive: From salads to pastas, burgers to pancakes, almost anyone will be able to find something to their liking.
The first dish I tried was the “Lemongrass Green Curry with Sweet Peas and Tofu,” which tastes as yummy as it looks. Each spoonful is bursting with all sorts of different flavors. It is sour, tangy, and creamy. If you are used to authentic Thai food, you will find this curry much milder than usual, but on par with the average spiciness of Thai cuisine in Taipei. The papaya salad and tomato soup are nothing special, but not disappointingly so. Perhaps one of the best perks of eating organic and vegan is that by the end of the meal you feel satisfied but not stuffed.
The “Western BBQ Vurger,” a more adventurous choice, tastes suspiciously like meat and has a lot of flavor. However, veggie burgers tend to be more filling—at the end of this meal you might not feel as great as if you had opted for something lighter, like one of the nutrient packed salads or even the green curry. Great for friends and family, Herbivore’s food is nutritious, creative, and tasty. Its only problem is that it is a bit pricey.

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