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REVIEW | Snow Bro

[Ian H. (’21)/The Blue & Gold]

Is the weather still hot in Taiwan despite summer break having ended almost four weeks ago? Yes! Welcome to Taiwan! It’s in this type of weather that icy treats become a staple all four seasons. Other than ice cream, Taiwan also has great traditional shaved ice shops. One of such is Snow Bro, a traditional Taiwanese shaved ice store that is well known among the local community.  

The shop sits on the side of the road at No. 194, Section 1, Da’an Road, Da’an District. Inside of the shop, there are small round tables that sit around four people each and a long bar with wooden stools along the walls. Additionally, on the exterior of the shop there is another small bar that provides extra seating space for customers.
Upon entering the shop, there is a long glass counter near the cashier that displays a variety of different toppings for the shaved ice. Some of the toppings include jello, taro, green beans, grass jelly, peanut, lemon jello and much more. Regarding the shaved ice itself, there are premade flavors that customers can order from, or they can also order a bowl of ice with four to eight toppings of their choosing. Customers are also able to choose from two different forms of shaved ice: snowflakes, where the ice is shaved thinly and has a cotton candy-like texture, or ice bits where it’s simply ice broken down to bits with a harder rockier texture. After selecting the type of ice, they can select different sugar water flavors for a different taste.

While the taste of the shaved ice was not as strong, Snow Bro was still able to stick to local Taiwanese flavors. The portion was also rather large, and it was clear that the store used fresh, selective ingredients. Overall, the shop was definitely worthwhile. Next time you are in the area, you should give it a try!

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