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Bossa Nova disappoints customers with poor service and Dollarama like interiors


Around an hour and a half-hour drive from downtown Taipei, Bossa Nova is an Italian beachside restaurant targeted for couples and families after a fun beach day at Baishawan bay. 
As you walk into Bossa Nova you will notice the dimmed lights and mellow toned down vibes. The interior of the Italian restaurant is decorated with seashells and polaroids— the same type of decoration one would come across at Dollarama. 
With the location as the primary advantage, Bossa Nova fails to encapsulate every quality a beachside restaurant should display. Instead, Bossa Nova welcomes its customers with poor service, and long periods of waiting time before the food is served. 
The silverware provided seem to only be partially cleaned, and small specks of food were still present on more than a few plates. Apart from an unsatisfactory experience in terms of the atmosphere and customer service, the food served was also unpleasant. 
The milk tea Bossa Nova serves, which is, according to the menu, “one of the bestsellers”, seems to taste no different than ones you would buy from vending machines right down the street. 
The well-known ice cream waffle dish surprised me with its mundane taste, and the ice cream served on the side seems to have outshined the waffles which were said to be freshly made. 
Bossa Nova impressed me with its efforts in decorating the interior on a budget, and the dishes served tasted particularly ordinary. If you are looking for a place to dine after a long day at Baishawan bay, try not to step into Bossa Nova, where a one-star dining experience is guaranteed.  

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