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Funsiamo: Bake your cake and don’t clean up

Funsiamo’s infamous “rainbow layered” cake [Natalie Scheidel/The Blue & Gold].

4/5 stars | Address: No. 28 Guangfu South Road Lane 200, Daan District
Add a dash of good aesthetic, ¾ cup of rich taste, a tablespoon of decoration, and to top it all off you don’t need to clean up. This is a recipe for a perfect location to hang out with friends and enjoy the experience of baking. 
Funsiamo is a portmanteau between “fun” and “siamo,”  which means “together” in Italian. So, Funsiamo’s name means “let’s have fun together.” The studio provides customers with an iPad while baking, which is exceptionally convenient for following recipes. However, due to the self guided baking experience, it can either be a very rewarding experience or a very challenging one. 
Since the baking process is very much independent and self-guided, it could be hard to follow as the directions on the recipes are not always that specific and is all in Mandarin. Additionally, the staff will not actively help you because they want you to go through the whole process yourself. 
The interior of Funsiamo is aesthetically pleasing and modern, filled with marble counters and yellow flowers. The cute decoration is perfect for a calm and fun afternoon with friends. The atmosphere also creates a comfortable and relaxing environment to bake. 
Imagine baking a cake but not needing to wash all the dishes you use at a place that offers flexible schedules and a vast library of recipes to choose from. These range from the classics, chocolate cake, fruit tarts, and even macarons with a starting price of $680 NT.  The most popular pastry is a rainbow layered cake, with the option of adding a unicorn horn on top. Despite its price, the rich flavor of the cake definitely made it worth it.  
At Funsiamo, everything is very accessible with all the cooking materials you need within 15 steps away. Additionally, everything is put into clearly labeled containers, making it easier to follow the instructions. For example, if the recipe says you need the egg yolk and but not the egg white, you do not need to go through the trouble of cracking an egg. You could simply walk to the fridge to get a bottle containing only egg yolk and dump it into a bowl. 
When making the rainbow cake, many people had difficulty making the unicorn ears with different layers of melted chocolate. In order to make the ears, different colors of chocolate had to be melted down and then layered to create the ears. 
The instructions did not say that the different chocolates should be melted separately, leading many groups to melt the different chocolates all at once which either hardened the chocolates too quickly or blended the colors. Because of this, it took these groups multiple tries to finish the ear which cost them an additional $50 NT each additional try. 
Despite the difficulties one may face, the baking experience is a very rewarding one with the convenience of not cleaning up, having all the materials, and having a comfortable space to work, and accessibility.

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