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Hoshino Coffee: a must-try restaurant in Taipei

Featuring Hoshino Coffee’s seasonal fluffy souffle-style pancake with bananas. [KATHERINE MA/THE BLUE & GOLD]

Located on the fourth floor of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Nanxi Store One, Hoshino Coffee is a franchise restaurant that originates from Japan. With a long wait time ranging from 15 minutes to two hours, the restaurant does not offer any online reservations. At arrival, customers can scan the QR code presented on the stand situated at the front of the restaurant. As there are not many waiting seats available, customers waiting for their turn to be seated can spend time shopping in the department store or at the two other nearby department stores with several clothing and jewelry boutiques. 

The restaurant offers a small menu featuring their famous fluffy souffle omelet with curry or pasta. Not to mention, the dessert menu includes a variety of souffles and fluffy pancakes. Though, it’s important to note that everyone dining is required to order at least one drink with choices of coffee, matcha tea, fruit tea, and lemonade. 

With only a few main course dishes, there are two varieties of pasta offered at the price of $280 NT, and two curry dishes that are just a bit more expensive at the cost of $300 NT, both arguably reasonable prices considering the generous portions. 

Besides, the employees were very accommodating and polite. On the table, a button allows you to call for a waiter and waitress promptly. However, the cooking time for desserts is on the longer side, more than 20 minutes of waiting. Other than that, dishes and drinks are served to your table after 10 to 15 minutes. As such, if you are going to order a dessert, I recommend that you ask it to be prepared to start at the same time as your other dishes. That way, after you have finished your main dishes, your dessert should arrive within 10 minutes. 

Regarding the atmosphere of the restaurant, it is quite loud and crowded. Although, if you are lucky enough to be seated in one of the small enclosed booths, it is the perfect place for studying and having quiet conversations. 

In summary, if you don’t mind a bit of noise, then any other seat in the restaurant is the perfect dining place for hanging out with family and friends.  

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