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Cat private kitchen on the roof: no menu restaurant with personal chefs


Located in a small alley in Xinyi District, Cat private kitchen on the roof, is a no menu restaurant with personal chefs. There are only two tables for eight people each available, so a reservation is needed.  

This restaurant offers many creative and delicious dishes that can be adjusted due to allergies or other reasons. The dishes vary from Chinese style to Western style. 

Because there is no menu, the chef would introduce the ingredients and cooking techniques before each dish is served. 

The portions of the dishes are reasonable but I think they are still on the pricey side, considering it costs $1800 NT per person for lunch and $2000 NT for dinner. 

One of my favorite dishes I tried was a pink dish with pink thin noodles, a chicken leg, and some beans all covered in sesame oil. The dish was both unique and flavorful so I would definitely come back to eat it again. 

Another one of my favorite dishes is the chicken soup. This dish is unique because there is a layer of steamed egg on the bottom. This adds more flavor and texture to the dish since the soup is pretty basic. 

The environment is decorated in a homey and casual style allowing customers to feel relaxed and comfortable. In addition, there are three cats to accompany you while you eat. 

If you are looking for a restaurant to spend time with your friends or family, I would definitely recommend Cat private kitchen on the roof as it is more private than the usual restaurants and it makes you feel at home. 

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