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Pythonism: a one of a kind cafe

Pythonism’s 100NT Cappuccino and one of their many snakes. [KATHERINE MA/THE BLUE & GOLD]

By: Katherine M. (’24)

With a small storefront in Datong District, Pythonism is a one of a kind cafe where customers can purchase any of the reptiles they may interact with during their visit. As such, the cafe is not only a great place to hang out and relax, but it also gives potential owners a chance to bond with their prospective reptilian pets. 

Although the cafe is considerably small, there was no need to wait for a seat. Inside, the only seating areas are a communal table and one couch seating area. Upon entrance, there may also be a weird odor that is easy to adapt to after some time. Furthermore, there is no time limit on how long customers can stay. 

The cafe’s collection boasts a wide variety of snakes and lizards stored in boxes on shelves by the wall. Visitors may also feed vegetables to a tortoise that is free to wander around the place. Additionally, customers can walk around to view all the different animals and request to hold any of them. 

In some cases, the staff may prohibit customers from interacting with a specific animal that may be more aggressive. Other than that, the rest of the reptiles are all very tame. The only other limitation when it comes to handling any of the animals is that a person can only hold one animal at a time. 

In regards to food and drinks, the cafe has a minimum charge of one drink per person, offering affordable beverages such as tea, coffee, and juices. On the other hand, there are only a few food items available on the menu. 

Overall, with free Wi-Fi and unlimited dining time, Pythonism is the perfect place for studying or hanging out with friends. Even if you may be wary of reptiles such as snakes, there is no pressure to interact with any of them if you do not wish to. I recommend Pythonism to anyone looking to try something new or a unique place to spend their weekend.

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