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TikTok’s Three Ingredient Creme Brûlée: Is it Worth it?


Although seemingly simple, this recipe took longer than expected. Since the TikTok video did not include guidelines for how long the crème brûlées should be cooled in the fridge, we had to continuously check on them. Overall, it took us about two hours to make two crème brûlées. Contrastingly, in the video, four crème brûlées were made with about the same amount of ingredients instead of just two. This result could be because the bowls we used for the crème brûlées were larger than the ones used in the video. If you want to create four crème brûlées with this recipe, we recommend that you choose to use appropriately sized bowls.

On the other hand, despite all the negative remarks, the crème brûlées were very delicious; they tasted as if they were bought at a restaurant. However, they were a little on the sweeter side. If you ever decide to try this recipe out and wish for something not as sweet, you should choose an ice cream low in sugar. To also help with the excessive amount of sugar, you could use less sugar when torching the top of the crème brûlées. However, too little sugar could mean that the crème brûlée will not be torched well enough. Henceforth, make sure to spread the sugar on top evenly and that there is a sufficient amount. 

In retrospect, this recipe is only given four out of five stars because of unclear instructions and a longer completion time than expected. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this tasty recipe for whenever you are bored, need to make dessert for guests, or simply to indulge yourself; and if you do, I suggest that you ensure that you have enough time and ingredients for some trial or error as it took us two tries to perfect this recipe. 

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