TAS dominates Season 1 IASAS sports

TAS dominates Season 1 IASAS sports

The Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS) sports competitions have returned after nearly three years of COVID-19 disturbances. Volleyball and cross country athletes traveled to the International School of Bangkok (ISB), and soccer athletes traveled to the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL).

The varsity girls volleyball team placed first, defending its IASAS championship from 2019. This year, the team was led by captains Reese R. (‘23, she/her), Catrina Y. (‘23, she/her) and Chloe W. (‘23, she/ her). The team went undefeated, making it through the tournament with a record of 6-0. “Seeing the camaraderie between our teammates and bonding with everyone was definitely one of the most notable things [about IASAS],” Reese said. She believes the team is well-equipped in terms of leadership and hopes to see the team continue to thrive next year.

The varsity boys volleyball team placed first, winning their first gold since 2016. The game ended with three sets to TAS and two for ISKL. The team was led by captains Derek L. (‘23 he/him), Evan L. (‘23, he/him) and Justin L. (‘23, he/him). “[Being able to go and] win IASAS is really unforgettable,” Derek said. “This year, we really proved that our team could improve in a short span of time.” Derek believes that the boys volleyball program has a lot of potential and foresees several more championship victories in the future.

The varsity girls cross country team placed second, defending its position from the 2019 IASAS. The team of 12 was led by captains Enya T. (‘23, she/ her) and Maddy C. (‘23, she/her). The team placed second in the 5KM time trial and first in the 3K trail, finishing just two points behind first-place Singapore American School (SAS). Asia H. (‘26, she/her), who placed third overall on the 3KM time trials, received All-Tournament recognition. Looking ahead, Enya thinks her team is ready to win gold at IASAS next year.

The varsity boys cross country team placed first, securing its first ever gold medal in the TAS cross country program’s history. In the 5KM time trial, TAS runners placed top first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth, a feat never done before in IASAS history. The team was led by captains Guan C. (‘23, he/him), Justin M. (‘23, he/him) and Charlie H. (‘24, he/him), who all earned All-Tournament recognition, a prestigious award given to the top seven runners in IASAS. “No words can describe how proud I am of this team,” Charlie said.

The varsity girls soccer team placed third this year. The team, led by captains Mana L. (‘23, she/her) and Melissa R. (‘23, she/her), lost the semifinal match by one goal to SAS. They went undefeated on the first day and had a record of 1-1 on the second day. After three years without IASAS, students were excited to travel again. “[Because of COVID-19], I never thought I was actually going to travel in my high school career. But the fact that we got to go this year was definitely the cherry on top of everything,” Mana said.

The varsity boys soccer team placed first, playing the International School of Manila (ISM) in the final match and winning 3-2. The team ended with three wins and two ties, securing the first gold medal for the TAS boys soccer program since 2008. This year, the team was led by captains Jeffrey M. (‘23, he/him), Daniel T. (‘23, he/him) and Tyler L. (‘23, he/him). The boys soccer program hopes to continue winning. “I think the best advice I can give the team is to trust the process,” Jeffrey said.