IASAS Season 2 highlights


The Girls Tennis team traveled to Singapore to compete in IASAS, placing third. [PHOTO COURTESY OF SAS]


The Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS) sports competitions returned for season 2 sports from Feb. 2 to 4. Swimmers traveled to International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), touch and rugby athletes to Jakarta International School (JIS), basketball athletes to International School of Manilla (ISM) and tennis players to Singapore American School (SAS). 


Varsity Girls Tennis (Bronze)

“My favorite part about IASAS was seeing the girls on the team grow a special bond and being there for each other through all the highs and lows. After winning bronze, I felt so proud of our team because I knew how much everyone practiced during school and winter break in the hopes that we would medal at IASAS.” Catherine L. (‘24), one of the captains, said. 

Varsity Boys Tennis (Bronze)

“We’re really happy about it. Of course everyone’s a little bit disappointed that we didn’t try to go for gold or silver, but in the end, a medal is a medal. It’s a shame that IASAS is over because I feel like my entire team is much closer moving forward. I hope everyone just stays in contact and once I graduate, they do really well without me.” Bruce L. (’23), one of the captains, said.

Varsity Touch Rugby (Gold)

“My favorite part of this experience was being able to play with my team for the last time and seeing ISB friends again. I feel so happy to have won gold with my team! It felt super rewarding, especially after the five-week break.” Ava A. (’23), one of the captains of the touch rugby team, said. 

Varsity Rugby (Gold)

“My proudest moment this season was seeing the rugby team bounce back from losing our first game at IASAS by winning all of our next games and playing better as the tournament went on. I was so proud of seeing every member of the team help to string together a final game-winning drive against SAS in the championship.” Justin M. (‘23, he/him), one of the captains of the rugby team, said. 

Varsity Boys Swimming (Gold) 

“I’d have to say that it was nice to forget about school for a bit and just have fun with the meet.” Justice B. (’23), one of the captains of the swimming team, said.

“I think it was the cheering and the celebration where everyone gets really hyped when we win. That was probably my favorite part. This season was probably the best season ever.” Jaden Y (’23), the other captain of the swimming team, said.

Varsity Girls Swimming (Silver)

My favorite part of this IASAS was winning our relay and hanging out with my hilarious team for five days straight. It was a little different because it was the first IASAS event for most swimmers, but it was still so much fun, and I’m so grateful to have had one last chance to travel and compete.” Kylie  T. (’23), one of the swimming captains, said.

Varsity Girls Basketball (Gold)

“My favorite part of the whole IASAS experience was the connections I was able to make with new people. I was able to make so many new friends and I was also able to strengthen my bond with my teammates. It was such a great way to end off my last basketball season and I’m so glad that I was able to do it with my fellow ‘beaballers.’” Sarah Y. (’23), one of the captains of the basketball team, said. 

Varsity Boys Basketball (Silver)

“My favorite part of the whole IASAS basketball experience was playing in front of a large audience. It felt good to silence the home crowd after hitting a quick elbow jumper. The challenge during IASAS was playing seven games in three days. We fell short on our fourth game to ISB, but we came back well rested the next day and annihilated them. This allowed us to qualify for the Finals against ISM.” Justin L. (’23, he/him), one of the captains of the basketball team, said.