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Seeing double: Lutetia 2.0


This familar orange-and-white sign resides on Chung Shan North Road.
This familar orange-and-white sign resides on Chung Shan North Road.

Nestled in between Terry the Tailor and Subway, the small orange and white coffee shop on the busy stretch of Chung Shan North Road may not seem to stand out upon first glance. But Lutetia has definitely won the attention and favor of a good amount of local residents. Not only does it boast a reputable array of sandwiches, drinks and pastries, but its prices are also nowhere near exorbitant.
This summer, I found myself on a cab on Chung Shan North Road, heading in the direction of the school–looking out the window, I immediately recognized the beloved little shop as we whizzed by. A few seconds later, the same familiar orange and white colors flashed before my eyes for a second time. Was I seeing things?
Turns out it wasn’t too good to be true. Early in May of this year, Lutetia had opened a second store, stationed less than a minute’s walk away from the first. The new bakery is about twice the size, and features various breads, rolls, pastries and cakes. There were a few samples laid out for visitors to try, but the creative design and enticing smell of freshly-baked goodness was enough to persuade me to buy something.
Speaking (or writing) from experience, the lemon tart is definitely one to try. Though a tad sweet, the zesty taste of lemon is very apparent. The crumbly crust surrounding it breaks perfectly in your mouth. Other desserts, like their handmade cookies, are individually packaged and come in a wide assortment. Other goods less-typically seen at a bakery include Fougasie Bacon, Earl Grey and White Chocolate bread, and Cheddar Cheese with Spinach bread.
Turns out, the bakery is just as impressive as the coffee shop. The only major difference and my main gripe is the high price. Unlike the coffee shop, Lutetia Bakery is a bit on the pricey end. But even the most frugal bread-lover would have to admit that it’s worth the splurge.

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