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Let's Not Be Cops


There are only two things that I can say after watching this movie: Let’s Be Cops. One: If you’ve watched the trailer, you’ve watched the funniest parts of the movie. Two: can I have two hours of my life back? Let’s be cops has just reached a new low for me in my movie-watching career. Not only was it incredibly, horrible, it was also incredibly uninteresting. Filled with cliches through and through, there is one fair warning when planning to watch this movie: IT’S JUST NOT WORTH IT.
Justin, a reject video game designer, and Ryan, a failed quarterback washout, agree on a promise that if they didn’t move to Los Angeles before thirty, they would move back to Ohio. Donning on policemen suits, they attend their college reunion party. They soon realize the immense power that they bear with these costumes, and decide to go a bit further with it, messing around with people. They soon realize they’ve messed with the mafia, which catapults the story into a level of seriousness.
What I can say about the best comedic parts of the film is just its trailer. If you’ve watched the trailer, it basically covers the best parts – that’s how bad it is! One of the few positives of the film is Daman Wayans (Justin) and Jake Johnson (Ryan). They have great synergy, however that chemistry just isn’t strong enough to overpower the bad plot. Written like any other comedy film, the film draws its humor on serious moments, as one can expect.
Also, as the plot progresses, the story just becomes more and more idiotic. Seriously, who the heck continues to impersonate a cop after getting involved with the mafia? Who does that? Obviously, this movie is mainly just fishing for money. Don’t give in.
One part that was especially bad was the tunnels scene, when they suit up in SWAT gear to save officer Segars, a real patrol officer. Really, after all of the events they’ve been through, why would they continue with the ploy and seriously join the brawl? Do none of them have any real-world common sense?
Even though Luke Greenfield graduated from USC film school, most of his movies are known to be pretty bad. He has only one movie rated over 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is Role Models. If you remember watching The Animal (2001), it was also directed by Greenfield.
While the Wayans’ and Johnson’s performance is commendable, the lackluster plot fails to grab me. Therefore, this movie deserves one star out of five.

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