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What DPP supporters want for the future Taiwan


President Tsai Ing-Wen of the Democratic Progressive Party won the Presidential election in Taiwan last weekend. Held on Jan. 11th, 2020, the election allowed her a second term as President of Taiwan. 
During President Tsai Ing-Wen’s last DPP rally at Ketagalan Boulevard took place on Friday, Jan. 12, 2020, with over 510,000 people participated in the rally. In the DPP rally, the age groups were varied. Many young parents brought their children and people rushed out of the MRT taking off their blazer jackets as they arrived from work to support President Tsai. 
A huge group of young people from Hong Kong all wearing black also attended the DPP rally, holding huge signs in hopes that the results of the elections could bring Hong Kong’s future more hope. 
Ms. Liu Mei Chi, aged 64, is a retired lady who is a huge DPP supporter. “I would like to tell the Taiwanese people, especially young voters, to continue supporting democracy,” she said. “Obviously we don’t want to become the people of Hong Kong. I don’t want to see the younger generation having to walk on the streets and protest like the Hong Kong’s people.” 
The 2020 Presidential Election brought forth a huge amount of first-time voters. The voting percentage rose from 66% in 2016 to 74.9% this year, and President Tsai’s 8,170,000 votes broke the record of the history of voting in Taiwan. 
Ms. Huang, aged 37, has voted three times and many of her younger friends are first time voters. She stated that if the other candidates won, “Taiwan would be in a horrible condition, because the other candidates do not make any action unlike President Tsai,” she said. “They only know how to make speeches and create lies to satisfy the ears of the public.This election is more important [than previous elections], because it is the election of whether the Taiwanese people can keep the democracy in the country.”   
The people of Taiwan have a variety of ideas that they hope President Tsai will achieve for the next four years of her new term. “I want [President Tsai] to make clear that Taiwan is Taiwan, not China, and certainly not the Republic of China. Then, I want President Tsai to continue what she has been doing for the past four years, especially the Annuity Reform. The reform is the most important action made,” Ms. Liu said. 
Although she is retired, and her retirement payment got cut, Ms. Liu stated that “If we did not have the Annuity Reform, the economy would be worse and the younger generation would be left with no money. It’s not fair that the retired people are receiving more money than those who are still working.”

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