IASAS 2014: Season 1 Day 3 Roundup


Ready, get set… go: The Cross Country boys set off on their race.

Photo courtesy of ISM High School Flickr
Congratulations and good work to all of our athletes during the Season One IASAS. It’s undoubtedly been a tough three days for them, so regardless of the results, all the athletes deserve the utmost respect for all they have done this season. Without further ado, here are the results of IASAS 2014:
Soccer at ISKL:
TAS vs. SAS: 1-1 T
TAS vs. JIS: 0-1 L
Overall: 4th Place
TAS vs. ISB: 1-0 W
TAS vs. SAS: 1-2 L
Overall: 2nd Place
Volleyball at ISM:
TAS vs. JIS : 3-1 W
Overall: 5th Place
TAS vs. SAS (1st vs. 4th): 1-3 L
TAS vs. ISB: 3-1 W
Overall: 3rd Place
Cross Country at ISM:
3K Run
Boys (out of 42 runners):
4th – Team time of 1:03:33
Leon Y. – 00:10:00
Jeffrey Y. – 00:10:26
Brian L. – 00:10:27
Ryan W. – 00:10:50
Curtis K. – 00:10:54
Jonathan H. – 00:10:56
Sean C. – 00:11:01
Overall: 5th Place
Girls (out of 42 runners):
1st – Team time of 1:11:42
April C. – 00:11:28
Kristina K. – 00:11:32
Florence L. – 00:11:58
Patricia P. – 00:12:04
Stephanie C. – 00:12:15
Karen W. – 00:12:25
Victoria P. – 00:12:33
Overall: 2nd Place
Again, CONGRATS and great job to all the athletes who participated in IASAS this week! We hope everybody played or ran without any regrets. We’ll be looking forward to your returns!