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Tech Gifts for the Holidays


As Christmas rapidly approaches, The Blue and Gold has created a tech gift guide for all the friends and family in your life. From a watch that counts down your life to an alarm clock that runs away from you, you can find something unique for everyone.
Rhino Shield MK2
rhino shield mk2
The perfect gift for that one friend who seems to have a collection of cracked iPhones, the Rhino Shield Mark 2 is a screen protector that prevents your iPhone screen from cracking, even after it’s dropped from shoulder height onto concrete!
Elgato avea
Remember when you wished you had lights that turned off with a clap of the hand? Well, now you can, but with a tap of the phone. The Elgato Avea is a lightbulb that can be controlled from your iPhone or iPad and comes with a variety of colors and light moods. If you don’t have a sunset view, you can always fake one with the Avea “Magic Hour” setting.

Tikker is a simple wristwatch that counts down your life. Sounds scary, but it’s meant to encourage you to make every second count and to seize the day. Besides showing the regular time, it also shows how many years, months and days you have left in your life.
JVC HAS400W Headphones
JVC HAS400W Carbon Nanotube Headphones
These headphones provide high quality sound for a relatively cheap price, so you can gift these to friends or family that love listening to music. Why waste your money on those Beats with triple-digit price tags when you can get the same quality in these?
Clocky Alarm Clock
clocky alarm
Want to help your friend get to school ontime? You can do them a favor by buying the Clocky Alarm Clock. It’s an alarm clock on wheels, and jumps off your nightstand when it’s time to wake up. This way you can’t just hit snooze and go back to sleep.
Bedphones are headphones designed for sleep. Its thinness means you can barely feel the speakers on your ears and the ear hooks, which are made from mold-able memory wire, provide a custom fit. It also comes with an app that shuts your music off automatically when you fall asleep!
Crossover for iPhone
According to their website, Crossover is a two-piece case that secures the stuff you need most to your iPhone. Its silicone straps keep all your cards and notes secure, and you can also choose each of the straps colors. Never lose your ID card, cash, or credit card again!
Photojojo iPhone and Android Lens
Aspiring photographer? Obsessed with Instagram? Photojojo sells a variety of lenses (macro, fisheye, polarizer, etc) that can attach easily to your smartphone’s camera. The photo lenses work even if you use a case and snap on and off easily.
IPad Paintbrush
ipad paint
This paintbrush-tablet pen is for all your artist friends. Unlike other touch-screen pens, this one has synthetic bristles — allowing it to create authentic strokes and mimic painting charcoal or other mediums.
Tile is the “smart companion for all the things you can’t stand to lose”. It’s a small, white chip that works like a tracking device and links to your phone. You can attach it to your keys, wallet, or put it in your bag. The chip casts a Bluetooth signal and records the last place the item was seen.

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