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It’s nearly Chinese New Year, and you know what that means: it’s time to get new stuff for everything – and that includes apps for all your devices.
Save this article, and over the long break take the time to test drive these apps. Not only will these make your life easier, it’ll simplify your lifestyle greatly. Here are the current five most useful apps on the market.
Converter Plus:
converter plus
Want to convert your lifts from pounds to kilograms, or vice versa? Need to know how much you should tip? Converter Plus is here for you. A simple all-in-one app that fits into a sleek user interface, the app delivers numbers on everything you can think of. All metric and imperial calculations are included in this app, so you’ll be able to convert when you’re baking brownies with an European cookbook!
Pic Stitch:
Quick, easy and good-looking collages at your fingertips? Call me in! This app is self-explanatory – you can quickly put together a beautiful three-in-one or a four-in-one collage in a moment. You’ll never have to use one of those ANNOYING websites that require you to log in anymore. In addition, all of the filters that you already use are included in the app, and you can edit each photo in the collage individually. Neat!
Adobe Photoshop Express:
adobe photoshop express
Want to take photo editing to the next level? Adobe Photoshop Express is an awesome app to accomplish this. Adobe has established its name as a photoediting tool on computers. Now Adobe has shown that it can be done on mobile phones as well. It’s able to handle noise reduction (removing extraneous particles in a picture), which makes it, in my opinion, a better app than Instagram!
Ever seen your grade drop over a forgotten assignment or a quiz? Fear no more – with EasilyDo. Connecting your email accounts, calendar and Facebook account, this app can sort through your schedule with ease, and notify you at the correct moments. An amazing productivity app, EasilyDo helps you take care of everything quickly and efficiently.
Means: If this, then that. If you set this app up correctly, it should do anything you want to do in your digital life automatically, from backing up photos to Facebook, to reminding you about your college counseling meeting coming up in 3 minutes. It might even take the dog for a walk. Get ready to get lazy!

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