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2015 Awards Ceremony Results

Harvard Book Prize Award Stephanie C
Brown Book Award Tommy Y
Columbia Book Award Amy C
Brandeis Book Award Paul C
Bryn Mawr Book Award Hannah W
RPI Medal Award Albert C
Smith Book Award Eli M
Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award Richard Y
Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award Emily Y
George Eastman Young Leaders Award Justin R
Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology Leon Y
English Writing Award Juliana C
Outstanding Student in English Award Louisa C
The Scholastic Writing Award Juliana C
Rebecca T
Political Science and Forensics Award Andrew B
Jan McDowell Scholarship Award Annie C
French Award Ashley S
Japanese Award Perveen W
Spanish Award Christopher Y
David Blowers AP Spanish Literature Award Louisa C
Heritage Mandarin Award Amy C
Mandarin Award Ryan T
The Distinguished Linguist Award Isabell G
Classics Award Albert C
David Wittry Computer Science Award Heng S
Da Vinci Engineering Award Mark L
Outstanding Contribution for Robotics & Engineering Xiao Yang K
Jin Suh P
Mathematics Award Tiffany C
Outstanding Student in Mathematics Award David J
Spirit of Science Award Albert C
Phillip T
Outstanding Science Award Heng S
Edward H
Outstanding Student in Math and Science Award Maggie W
Rachel K
NEST Student Recognition Award Leon Y
NEST Teacher of the Year Award D. Iverson
Science Research Fellows Award Leon Y
Science Research Fellows Award Rohan S
Science Research Fellows Award Chelsea C
Science Research Fellows Award Evonne P
Science Research Fellows Award Andrew H
Science Research Fellows Award Tina H
Science Research Fellows Award Maggie W
Science Research Fellows Award Phillip T
Science Research Fellows Award Edward H
Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist Edward H
John Philip Sousa Award Travis L
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award Baron J
National School Choral Award Bernadette L
National School Orchestra Award Claude S
Quincy Jones Musicianship Award Tiffany C
Theater Arts Award -Leading Female Leah R
Theater Arts Award -Leading Male Duanduan H
Outstanding Achievement & Contribution to Dance Award
-Female Dancer
Kimberlie Y
Outstanding Achievement & Contribution to Dance Award
– Male Dancer
Leo S
Outstanding Student in Visual Arts Nina H
Outstanding Student in Visual Arts Ahyoon K
Outstanding Student in Visual Arts Celine H
The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards James S
Outstanding History and Social Studies Award Rebecca P
Katherine Wetherell Humanities Award Ashley S
National Honor Society Award Kevin C
National Merit Scholar Recognition Barry C
Emily Hsu Landau Quach Scholarship Award Tina H
Chinese-American Friendship Award Gracie S
ECIS Award Annie C
EARCOS Global Citizen Award Timothy S
Warren Manning Award G9 Su Jin P
Warren Manning Award G10 Amanda T
Warren Manning Award G11 Darren C
Warren Manning Award G12 Andy B
Russ Neill Memorial Award G9 Annabel U
Russ Neill Memorial Award G10 Josephine H
Russ Neill Memorial Award G11 Stephanie C
Russ Neill Memorial Award G12 Deepak V
Three-Year Service Award Megan C
Three-Year Service Award Juliana C
Three-Year Service Award Tiffany H
Three-Year Service Award Duanduan H
Three-Year Service Award Ashley S
Three-Year Service Award Tina H
Three-Year Service Award Connor L
Three-Year Service Award Kelsey M
Three-Year Service Award Angela H
Academic Distinction Juliana C
Academic Distinction Barry C
Academic Distinction Rohan S
Academic Distinction Ashley S
Academic Distinction Annie C
Academic Distinction Kevin C
Academic Distinction Dylan C
Academic Distinction Louisa C
Academic Distinction Diana H
Academic Distinction Edward H
Academic Distinction Birthe C
Academic Distinction Helena H
Academic Distinction Benjamin H
Academic Distinction Cynthia P
Academic Distinction Rebecca P
Academic Distinction Heng S
Academic Distinction Perveen W
Academic Distinction Brandon L
Academic Distinction Rachel K
Academic Distinction Christopher Y
Academic Distinction Oleana H
Academic Distinction Ahyoon K
Valedictorian Heng S
Salutatorian Rohan S
The Board of Directors Award
of Excellence
Ashley S
Mark Ulfers Scholarship Award Harsh P
Roger Castiglioni Memorial Scholarship Rebecca P
Joanna Nichols Award for Excellence in Teaching and Professional Development E. Chen
Joanna Nichols Award for Excellence in Teaching and Professional Development N. Smith
The Principals’ Awards Brandon L
The Principals’ Award Xiao Yang K
The Principals’ Award Rohan S
The Principals’ Award Alex T
The Principals’ Award Jonathan K


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