Dating Disasters


“If he takes you to do something that you really hate doing, but then you have to pretend to like it. For example, if you hate bowling and he says, ‘Let’s go bowling!’ and you’re like ‘Oh, yeah, uh, no.’”
-Katie F. (10)
“When your date farts in front of you, it’s pretty bad.”
-Mallorie H. (11)
“I went to Teppanyaki with my [now] ex-girlfriend, and we got steak and everything, and she says, ‘Oh no, I forgot my wallet at home!’ $87 dollars USD.”
-Austin H. (10)
“When the guy doesn’t pay attention to you.”
-Cindy H. (11)
“If he takes you somewhere but he brings his friends and doesn’t pay attention to you the whole time. You feel really out of place.”
-Katie F. (10)
“So, I take this girl somewhere and she’s more interested in the place than me. She starts looking around and she says ‘Oh yeah, help me hold my stuff’ and then runs off by herself and meets her friends. I’m just awkwardly stuck there doing nothing.”
-Austin H. (10)