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Top ten quarterbacks worth pursuing during this offseason

Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles looks to fire a pass during the Divisional Round game against the New Orlean Saints [Photo courtesy of Mark Tenally of AP Photo]
Regardless of how well each NFL team performed during the 2017-2018 season, their rosters will start to change throughout the next few months. During this offseason, many valuable players will be available via draft, free agency or trading. Here are the top 10 quarterbacks worth pursuing.

1. Nick Foles (Free Agent)

No one expected legendary quarterback Tom Brady to lose to a backup quarterback in the Super Bowl. Nick Foles shocked the NFL during his 2017 and 2018 playoff performances. Unless the Philadelphia Eagles decide to place a $25 million US franchise tag on Foles, he is expected to hit the free agent market. Even if Foles only plays well under high-pressure situations, it should not really matter in the long run. He went 9-1 as a starter from December to February and even won Super Bowl MVP after throwing 373 yards and scoring four touchdowns. Foles has proven himself over and over again to be starter worthy, and maybe a different team could prove how well he is capable of playing.

2. Case Keenum (Free Agent)

After the Denver Broncos picked up quarterback Joe Flacco out of the blue, it announced that it would be willing to give up Case Keenum. Even though Keenum struggled as a first-year starter in Denver, he is still a very valuable free agent veteran quarterback. If any team is looking for a quarterback to play for a few years before they find an actual franchise quarterback, Keenum would be a great option. Right now, he is probably worth a third- or early fourth-round pick in a trade, and could easily turn around a team with his skill and experience.

3. Dwayne Haskins (Draft)

Dwayne Haskins is arguably the best quarterback in this year’s draft class. He recognizes defenses very well and throws extremely accurately. Haskins had at least a 70.0 percent completion rate during both his years at Ohio State University. With a whopping 50 throwing touchdowns and just eight interceptions, Haskins is a very dangerous and precise quarterback. Although some doubt his agility or his ability to manipulate the pocket like fellow draft prospect Kyler Murray does, he is still an amazing quarterback and could fit many NFL teams that are looking for a new, young quarterback.

4. Teddy Bridgewater (Free Agent)

Teddy Bridgewater lost his thunder after facing a gruesome knee injury in 2017. He bounced around a few teams, and is now back in the free agent market. Not only is Bridgewater now just as accurate and mobile as he was in Minnesota, but he also had the opportunity to learn from elite quarterback Drew Brees. Bridgewater has only played one full season throughout his career, but he has still been able to put up impressive numbers. He has the experience and at just 26-years-old, he could be the future for another NFL team.

5. Kyler Murray (Draft)

Kyler Murray is like a mobile version of Dwayne Haskins. Although he threw eight fewer touchdowns than Haskins, he ran an incredible 1,001 rushing yards in only 14 games. The only major problem about Murray is something he can not control: his height. Standing at just 5-foot-10, Murray may struggle to make quick dump throws because of his inability to see past the linemen, most of whom tower well over 6 feet. However, Murray has a gift for exploring the pocket and buying time to set up huge plays. He reads defenses well, throws fairly accurately and can move like a running back. This Heisman winner could very well be the future of an NFL team.

6. Robert Griffin III (Free Agent)

Remember Robert Griffin III in his prime? At one point, RG3 was like quarterbacks Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson and Dwayne Haskins put together. Back at Baylor University and the Washington Redskins. he was quick, mobile, accurate and read defenses extremely well. However, everything fell apart for him once he started getting constantly injured. Injury after injury, RG3 went from the glorious Heisman winner to the forgotten backup for the Baltimore Ravens. Now that the Ravens have found a future under Jackson, it may be time for RG3 to spread his wings and start for another team. He has been able to coach Jackson well enough to make the playoffs, so he a very valuable quarterback due to his skill and experience.

7. Tyrod Taylor (Free Agent)

Even though Tyrod Taylor lost his starting quarterback position to rookie Baker Mayfield, he is not over yet. The Pro Bowler ended the Buffalo Bill’s 17-year playoff drought two years ago and is still a leader who can play well with the right weapons around him. Despite having an inconsistent career, Taylor is still a solid, accurate passer who has the mobility to extend plays and avoid sacks. He could be a target for several NFL teams as a quarterback who could hold the position in the long run.

8. Drew Lock (Draft)

Drew Lock is often overshadowed by fellow draft prospects Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray, but Lock is still a top quarterback in this year’s draft class. In just 12 games, Lock threw nearly 3,500 yards and 28 touchdowns. With a 62.9 percent completion percentage, Lock is a fairly accurate passer and is good at calling audibles to manipulate his offense. Lock might not be an immediate starter, but other teams could follow the Kansas City Chiefs’ Smith-Mahomes blueprint. Let Lock learn from the current starting quarterback and head coach, then start him the next year. With time to develop under a good coach and quarterback, Lock is a solid quarterback who could be a future starter for a NFL team.

9. Josh McCown (Free Agent)

At 39 years old, Josh McCown is not really expected to start or be the future of a new team. However, his experience is valuable. Teams who are pursuing or already have young quarterbacks could use a player like McCown to mentor and coach their future franchise quarterback. McCown was able to develop a strong relationship with rookie quarterback Sam Darnold, and although Darnold did not play as well as other rookie quarterbacks, he is still regarded as the future of the New York Jets. McCown helped Darnold solidify his place as the future for the Jets, and could perhaps do the same for other young players.

10. Daniel Jones (Draft)

Daniel Jones is nowhere near as good as Dwayne Haskins or Kyler Murray, but that does not mean he lacks potential. He is a talented quarterback who gained attention in Duke University due to his smart play calling. He did not amaze people with physically impressive plays like other college quarterbacks may have, but he was still able to process and handle a lot of information at the line of scrimmage. He definitely has the right mindset and logic to make a great quarterback, and if he trains under the right players and trainers, he could eventually lead an NFL and start for years.

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